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About Michagni Kripa...
Goddess / Queen
Spiritual Guide / Activist
Consultant / Collaborator

a spiritual guide, yoga teacher, life mastery coach and conscious company business consultant, Mich' [pronounced 'meesh'] serves in many capacities but her heart has always been devoted to creating sacred space for others to expand, explore and engage with their own inner wisdom to find their voice, stand in their power and step up to their purpose in life.

Her ability to "hold space and anchor higher energies" empowers and support others in their personal and professional journey toward greater clarity, deeper insight, and expanded awareness. Her work allows for others to experience deep transformation resulting in a more powerful impact both individually and collectively. 

She is the owner of Coeur Consulting.
Established in 2009, COEUR [pronouned "core"; french for heart] serves as a conscious consulting business dedicated to the advancement of human consciousness, personal transformation, and radicall wellness. A strong believer that everyone's life serves a purpose in every community is the driving force for her passion and dedication to guiding others to aligning with their "coeur frequency"[their true authentic self] for a more expansive and healthy lifestyle.

As the former,  Vice-Chair of the Western North Carolina Diversity Engagement Coalition located in Asheville NC and the former Chair, of WEST Inc. located in New York City, Michele is an active member of the community and remains committed to building bridges for courageous conversations, authentic connections, and equitable spaces.

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